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Arrington Employee In The Challenger's Trunk Caption Contest Winner

Hemi Trunk Monkey

ChuckWagon is the WINNER of this week's Caption Contest featuring Arrington employee Matt. For those not familiar with the contest, Arrington challenged members of the lxforums to come up with a humorous caption to this picture of Matt working from inside the trunk of a Challenger. Read ChuckWagon's entry...

Arrington Performance & shopHEMI.com taps Stacy Reynolds

Stacy Reynolds - Director of PR and Dealer Development

Arrington Performance and ShopHEMI.com are pleased to welcome Stacy Reynolds as Director of Dealer Development. Prior to joining Arrington, Miss Reynolds worked in marketing and public relations for fuel system specialist Fore Precision of Raleigh NC. Earlier experience includes extensive marketing and public relations with Hendrick Automotive Group in Cary NC. Stacy has a passion for cars and the performance automotive aftermarket...

NMRA/NMCA Returns to the Traditional Championship Point System

nmca logo

The NMRA and NMCA series are pleased to report a change in the championship point systems for racers vying for a Nitto Tire Diamond Tree championship ring. After a few years of the Race For the Rings, a championship competition similar to NASCAR’s Chase and NHRA’s Countdown, the system was not well received. “We are going back to our traditional point systems because the core of our supporters prefers that method over the Race For the Rings that we ran...

10.01.10 Mopar Introduces 2011 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak V10

V10 Drag Pack Challenger

The new race-only V-10 powered rear-wheel drive 2011 Mopar Challenger Drag Pak features an 8.4-liter 512 cubic-inch engine with a 2-speed automatic transmission. Mopar will showcase its new drag car this evening at the Dodge Viper Owner's Invitational in Salt Lake City. The vehicle will then make its way to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas from Nov. 2-5, and the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Orlando from Dec. 9-11. "With the introduction of our new 2011 Mopar Challenger Drag Pak...

Richard Petty teams with shopHEMI.com to power custom 2009 Dodge Challenger

300C SRT8 426

Martinsville, NC, November 1, 2009. Petty’s Garage, the winningest shop in NASCAR history, takes it to the street – by producing performance daily driver cars for the enthusiast market. Their first car out of the chute is a trademark Petty Blue 2009 Dodge Challenger, rebuilt from the ground up as a performance street car. And where else would “The King” turn to for winning power than shopHEMI.com, home of Arrington engines? ShopHEMI.com supplied a late model 426 HEMI engine that boasts 585 bhp, along with an Arrington 90mm throttle body and Signature cold air intake…

10.26.09 HEMI Driver Arrington makes RRML Hall of Fame (crty: Martinsville Bulletin)

HEMI Driver Buddy Arrington makes RRML Hall of Fame

Buddy Arrington was inducted into the Racer’s Reunion Memory Lane Hall of Fame in Mooresville, N.C. The organization is dedicated to honoring “legendary personalities” who have contributed to the roots of the sport. Racing down memory lane Arrington shares stories after making RRML Hall of Fame

06.26.09 426 HEMI 300C SRT8 - "Sweet Ride" (courtesy: Mopar Enthusiast)

300C SRT8 426

The needle swept past the 150 mph mark as we roared down the front straight of New Jersey Motorsports Park's 1.9-mile Lighting Race Course in the moditied SRT8 300C. yes, a 300C. With the scenery whizzing by in a blur and turn one – an exciting uphill right hander that’ll get you airborne if you crest it to fast – coming up in a hurry, my mind kept wandering. All I kept thinking about were Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups....

06.24.09 426 HEMI 300C SRT8 - "426 THREE HUNDRED" (courtesy: Mopar Muscle)

300C SRT8 426

It has taken a while for the LX platform to really make an impact. The aftermarket was caught sleeping at the beginning, but now it has become one of the most active new car brands in the world. At the forefront of this new market is Arrington Engines in Martinsville, Virginia. They were one of the first companies to push the limits of the modern HEMI...

02.25.09 Inaugural ShopHEMI.Com Late-Model HEMI Shootout Announced!

HEMI Late Model Shootout

The NMCA and ShopHEMI.Com, powered by Arrington Performance, are excited to announce the Inaugural ShopHEMI.Com Late-Model HEMI Shootout, which will occur at Maple Grove Raceway near Reading, PA, the weekend of June 5-7, 2009. The event, held in conjunction with the Kooks Custom Headers NMCA Muscle Car Nationals, will be the largest Late-Model HEMI event in the U.S...

03.30.08 Arrington R5P7 Powers Dennis Setzer Win of the Kroger 250

Arrington R5P7 Powered Win of Kroger 250

MARTINSVILLE SPEEDWAY, March 29, 2008 Bobby Hamilton Racing slammed back into victory lane with a dominating win by Dennis Setzer, driving the #18 Dodge Ram, sponsored by AquaDuck. The BHR team now boasts it’s 20th win on the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series. In a chassis designed by Bobby Hamilton Sr...

01.02.08 Arrington & Crane Cams Introduce the "Return To Tune-ability"


The "ChiKillr" is a complete kit that eliminates electronic controls in Chrysler 5.7 or 6.1 Liter late model HEMI engines, by exchanging the stock timing cover with a precision replacement unit designed to house a distributor...

01.02.08 Arrington Engines and Performance Parts Now Available to the Street


Winning NASCAR racing expertise is now offered in performance-enhanced HEMI engines, customized parts and even signature cars, on Arrington’s new e-commerce site, and will also be available at various car shows throughout 2008...

Dodge Racing Team Offers Co-Sponsorship

Dodge Motorsports Partnership

Bobby Hamilton Racing is the official NASCAR truck racing team of Dodge Motorsports. Now Dodge is offering companies the opportunity to participate in this sponsorship. Lori Hamilton, Marketing Director, said “it is the most economical way for a sponsor to get into NASCAR racing, and the most effective way to leverage...

11.01.07 Buddy Arrington: Mopar Marathon Man (courtesy: MOPAR Enthusiast)


Buddy raced informally on the streets with great success. No one could beat him in his ’60 Plymouth Fury (which still runs today at 68,347 miles) and he loved the feeling he...

10.01.07 Arrington R5P7 Powers New Speed Record!


BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS- Speed king Russ Wicks set a new stock car world speed record of 244.9 miles per hour, confirmed by Guinness World Records. The new record shatters Wicks’ previous record of 222 miles per hour...

10.01.07 Bringing It To The Streets (courtesy of Performance Business)


Who hasn't dreamed of dropping a motor from a hot NASCAR engine builder into a personal ride, or of hooking up a loyal customer with one of the very same motors burning up the ovals under the klieg lights of national television...

Bristol Mopar Thunder


Arrington will be on the Manufacturer's Midway at the Mopar Thunder event at Bristol Dragway September 28-30th. This will be Arrington's third Mopar event, and we are very excited to be a...

ARE Mopar Nationals


When we pulled the Arrington 7.0 HEMI SRT8 300C, and our HEMI Hauler into the MOPAR Nationals, and found our muddy piece of the gravel, we were not thrilled with our spot. But, when the...

Arrington at Carlisle


We at Arrington Engines want to say thank you to all the knowledgeable, and friendly Mopar enthusiasts who came by our booth in Carlisle this past weekend. This was our first visit as...

06.25.07 Business News: Arrington Engines In The Aftermarket


"Arrington Engines, nationally renowned builder and researcher for Dodge NASCAR engines and 3-time Dodge Manufacturing Award...

Release of the 426 HEMI


580 HP with 565 ft-lbs. of Torque. A 30 % Increase in Torque and Power over the stock 6.1 HEMI at 160 mph. Both while maintaining a smooth ride! This is our modern twist on the classic 426 HEMI that...

The French Follow NASCAR


When Nitro Americaines, Rods et Customs Magazine, the premier French magazine dedicated to rods and racing, came to the States, they of coarse came to visit us. The article appeared in the...

NASCAR in Martinsville


After long months of preparation and hard work by people here in Martinsville, NASCAR came to the Speedway for the spring races. The world famous paper-clip track, in our backyard, is the...