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Arrington Performance    

HEMI Engine Performance Parts

Add performance parts to your mild to wild engine build to get the horsepower you want. Arrington selects and sells only the parts that offer you reliable performance for your HEMI engine. These parts will allow you to complete your build or eke out the extra torque you need to win. 
Arrington Performance HEMI Camshafts
Upgrade your power and change the timing and sound of your HEMI by upgrading your Camshaft. Cams can improve towing performance or add a signature lope to your HEMI engine. 
API Ported Heads and Head Packages
API ported heads set the standard with an industry leading CNC port design and a NEWEN Epoc single point valve job. Why settle for heads ported in someone's basement. 
HEMI Engine Above The Block
Gaskets, belts, hoses and more… once your HEMI engine block is ready, here are the rest of the parts you need to fire it up! 
HEMI Engine Block Components
Putting the block together.... caps, pistons, rings, bolts and more.

Bare HEMI Blocks
Looking to upgrade your HEMI or change your damaged HEMI engine block for a new one? Buy a bare block here with or without additional stroker machine work.