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HEMI Driveshafts

Anytime you increase the Horsepower for your HEMI it puts stress on stock parts that just weren't designed for massive torque and speed. If you are looking for a driveshaft as smooth as the stock one but strong enough to launch the car, look no further. 
Drive Shaft Assemblies
When increasing the horsepower to your HEMI. API recommends a high quality driveshaft specifically manufactured to handle the load. Choose from many HP ranges and brands. 
CV Joints
With increased horsepower the stock joints won't handle the torque at the tires unless one is specifically manufactured for higher HP. Replace your worn out stock CV joints or upgrade to more durable performance outer and inner joints. 
Drive Shaft Safety Loops
For HEMI drag racers, a driveshaft safety loop is a must have safety enhancement and required by many NHRA/IHRA classes.