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Miscellaneous Electronics and Wiring

Looking for a wiring harness or lighting kit to complete your HEMI build? Arrington performance has you covered from rearview camera kits to headlamps and turn signals to complete wiring harnesses and adapters for many HEMI applications.  
Wiring Harnesses
Chrysler used two different coil packs on the late model Hemi engines. For connections on a carbureted engine a Harness will be required. For EFI engines, the Harness and an Adapter will be required. 
HEMI Conversion Kits
Make conversions on your HEMI to replace older less productive engines, ignitions, or suspensions, All parts needed to make these high performance upgrades are included in the kits. 
Rear Lighting
Add some style to you rear end. These rear light are relentless, fashionable, and fierce. Featuring far more brightness than your factory set-up. 
Headlamps and Driving Lights
Upgrade your night driving with aftermarket headlamps and driving lights. Better than factory light these allow you to see the whole road. 
Rear View Cameras and Kits
Before gun your ride in reverse it would be nice to see if anything is in the way. Add a rear mounted camera to your HEMI. 
Go Pro Camera Kits
Mount these cameras inside or outside the car to view your awesome run again and again. Available with many different options for your HEMI needs.