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Driveshafts & Axles

When increasing the power of your HEMI don't forget to upgrade your axles and rear end to withstand the higher torque and horsepower output. With an upgraded driveshaft or axle assembly you can safely transfer the horsepower from your transmission to the tires. 
HEMI Driveshafts
Anytime you increase the Horsepower for your HEMI it puts stress on stock parts that just weren't designed for massive torque and speed. If you are looking for a driveshaft as smooth as the stock one but strong enough to launch the car, look no further. 
Increasing your horsepower? Don't put all the time and effort into the engine and forget about the Drivetrain. The added pressure will snap your average stock axles. Upgrade to performance axles that are designed for HEMI power junkies. 
Rear Ends
Want to explode off the line or increase top end speed? Or do you want to increase pulling power for your truck? Change out your rear end to change the way your car or truck performs and handles with high performance rears made for higher horsepower cars and trucks.