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Safety Equipment

Additional safety equipment and accessories to keep you legal in your class or complete your race build can be found in our safety equipment category. 
Fire Extinguishers and Mounts
High performance vehicles have more things that could go wrong than your standard off the lot stock. Be prepared and have peace of mind with an extinguisher and mount it where it can be easily reached. Don't let a small fire turn into a costly one for your HEMI vehicle. 
Racing Fuel Cells
For racing applications safety fuel cells and bladders are standard for most vehicles. We offer the latest designs from the top manufacturers of fuel cell and independent bladders. 
Drag racing parachutes are an important piece of safety equipment for running speeds of above 150 mph. Single parachutes are used for vehicles going over 150 mph and double drag parachutes are used when you exceed the 200 mph mark. Arrington offers a number of quality drag racing parachutes to match your vehicle and speed. Choose drag racing parachutes and mounting components today. 
Tow Loops
Ever try to recover your car from a gravel trap and the tow strap breaks? Recover your car with strong reliable tow loops. ShopHemi offers the latest designs and manufactures to ensure reliability. Offered in different break strengths. 
Helmets are an important part of safety for any racer. Arrington offers the top brands for helmet safety and regulations. Choose from many different styles and materials. 
Miscellaneous Safety Accessories
Ride safer in your HEMI. ShopHEMI is your safety place for all your other safety needs.