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Fuel Systems and Oiling Components

Going lean? When you increase the air volume or add a power adder to your HEMI you need to add more fuel too! Check out these fuel systems and Oiling system components to keep your Air/Fuel ratio right and your HEMI engine clean and well lubricated.  
In Tank Upgrades
Deliver fuel and prevent lean conditions by upgrading your in-tank fuel pumping system as you increase engine horsepower. 
Fuel Lines and Accessories
Keep constant pressure in your fuel system by increasing line diameter or regulating pressure. Complete the performance look and fuel delivery with a set of HEMI fuel rails. 
Oiling System
As the horsepower of your HEMI engine increases, so does the need for oil and the amount of blow by gas. Prevent engine contamination and oil system failure by installing an upgrade. 
Fuel Injectors
Increase the amount of fuel delivered to your HEMI with each pulse of the injectors. Upgrade your injectors to handle the horsepower of your HEMI engine.