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Nitrous Injection for HEMIs

Add a nitrous injection or fogger system to get additional power from your Naturally aspirated HEMI engine or boost the top end output of your forced induction race HEMI build. 
Nitrous Injection Kits
Look no further for your Nitrous Needs. API offers a wide range of Kits to satisfy all Hemi owners. 
Nitrous Injectors and Plates
Update your obsolete nitrous system with easy to install injectors and Perimeter Plates. 
Nitrous Bottles
Show Quality Nitrous bottles for standard or race use to improve your Nitrous System. 
Nitrous Accessory Kits and Nozzles
Upgrade your Nitrous Kit with high quality injection nozzles or accessory kits for your Hemi powered vehicle. 
Nitrous Mounting Kits and Brackets
API offers everything you might need to mount and install your nitrous system.