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Transmissions and Transfer Cases

When increasing the horsepower and torque of your HEMI Engine, The transmission needs to be upgraded in order to transfer the power to the wheels without damage to the transmission. 
Automatic Transmissions
These automatic transmissions are built to withstand the high pressure associated with high-horsepower HEMI engines. 
Manual Transmissions
These manual transmissions are built to with stand the high pressure associated with High horsepower HEMI engines. 
Transmission Mounts and Brackets
Putting in a new transmission in your HEMI? Featured are all the mounts and brackets needed to stabilize your transmission. 
Transfer Cases
These are the Transfer Cases you need if you are putting down a lot of power. In addition to lowering your ET, your HEMI will accelerate faster, hook up better, and drive smoother. 
Valve Bodies
These Valve Bodies will dramatically increase your transmission's responsiveness and allow your car to accelerate faster. 
Upgrade to high performance electro-hydraulic solenoids to enhance the fluid flow through the Automatic transmission in your HEMI engine.