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HEMI Engine Above The Block

Gaskets, belts, hoses and more… once your HEMI engine block is ready, here are the rest of the parts you need to fire it up! 
Gaskets and Gasket Sets
Replace crush or paper gaskets every time you remove and replace a component to ensure a tight seal and prevent leaks of air or fluids. 
Permanent or temporary plugs are a available for use in many odd spots such as an old bolt hole that is no longer used or a firewall hole for wiring. 
Bushings and Mounts
Replace worn engine mounts or other bushings to reduce vibration transfer and improve performance. 
Belts and Chains
Replace old and worn belts regularly or repair broken belts and chains to keep your HEMI on the road. When changing pullies on a supercharger or changing to an overdrive dampener you will need to change your serpentine belt length. 
Hoses and Fittings
Replace a blown out or dry rotted hose to avoid leaks. Hoses and fittings are available in a variety of colors and sizes for most applications and are available in braided and Stainless steel show quality finishes. 
Silicone and Rubber Connectors
When changing throttle bodies you may require an adapter or transition to utilize your current cold air intake. Additionally you can upgrade other connections to higher temperature silicone connections in a variety of colors for a racing style show finish. 
Alternators, Pumps, Front Dress and Dampers
Energize, direct fluid, add power with an overdrive damper, or dress up your HEMI engine with aftermarket performance parts. When increasing horsepower or changing drive ratios you can correct the speed or your factory front serpentine belt with overdriven or underdriven dampers. (Sometimes called "Harmonic Dampers") 
Radiators and Cooling Fans
Keep your HEMI engine cool by upgrading to High Performance Radiators and cooling fans made for the extreme heat produced by performance mods. 
Sensors and Indicators
A wide range of sensors required for proper engine performance.... and when tuning for that extra HP.