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Replace a worn out clutch, upgrade to a race inspired higher stall torque converter to transfer the power from your new HEMI to your drivetrain more efficiently. Upgrade your NAG1 Transmission to withstand the power of your HEMI stroker engine.  
Transmissions and Transfer Cases
When increasing the horsepower and torque of your HEMI Engine, The transmission needs to be upgraded in order to transfer the power to the wheels without damage to the transmission. 
Shift Kits and Accessories
Stay cooler and protect the interior of your HEMI ride from damaging UV rays with professional grade window film. Offered in many different tint styles. 
Clutches, Converters, and Bellhousing Components
Get into gear with a replacement clutch built to handle your HEMI's horsepower. Going to the track? Improve the launch of your NAG1 Automatic Transmission with a high stall torque converter.