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Complete Rear End Assemblies

With these kits, your HEMI will be able to handle the huge wheel horsepower and torque numbers your HEMI puts down. Featuring a variety of gear ratios for faster acceleration and better launches. 
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Paramount Performance 8.8 HEMI Axle Upgrade: Introducing the new Driveshaft Shop SRT8 9" Rear Conversion. The Drive Shaft Shop borrowed George Kooks' 300C SRT8 for the prototype and their happy to say the kit is a success. The kit will come complete with 9" rear housing (bare housing), front mount, rear weld in mount, custom 1400HP rated 31 spline diff stubs and true 1400HP axles that do not use any “Factory”or "used parts". The outer CV is a Extreme built Billet CV with fully REM... 
Product Rating:
Weight:75.0 lbs
Gforce Engineering is proud to introduce the bolt in 9" fabricated Independent Rear Suspension. This IRS rear end system maintains on road drivability while improving on track performance of HEMI Chargers and Challengers. A truly bolt in 9" Independent Rear system by G-Force Engineering eliminates all the flex, noise and clunking (and weak parts) found with the OEM rear plus you get a piece of mind knowing that your riding with the strongest rear you can get for your late model SRT-8 HEMI... 
Product Rating:
Weight:360.0 lbs