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Racing and Safety Equipment

Anyone headed to the track knows that staying safe is not only a want but also required by some class regulations. Get the stopping power you want with an upgraded set of brakes or get the safety you need to run in a high speed class like a roll cage, engine diaper, or driveshaft safety loop. 
Roll Cage
Each roll cage bracket and mount are individually crafted specifically for the application and are certified for sanctioned racing. 
Safety Loops and Blankets
These Valve Bodies will dramatically increase your transmission's responsiveness and allow your car to accelerate faster. 
Braking System
Make sure you can stop by upgrading your braking system or replacing worn brake components. 
The best way to buy wheels and tires for your Hemi is to get a wheel and tire package. This is because they arrive mounted and balanced, ready to install. API offers various packages for different driving applications. 
Safety Equipment
Additional safety equipment and accessories to keep you legal in your class or complete your race build can be found in our safety equipment category.