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Arrington Performance 426 HEMI Engines & Chrysler Vehicle Calibration

In the spirit of the classic 1960's Hemi 426 engines, the new Gen III 426 cubic inch HEMI is the must-have forged block for high-power HEMI builds. Click here or the logo for a lot more!

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Chrysler Vehicle Calibration Support
Arrington Performance Custom Tuning & Calibration Services

There is nothing like a custom tune to make the most out of your engine and vehicle upgrades. We specialize in HEMI, use the latest equipment, and give you great power with the safety margin you want.

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Fred's 440 HEMI Powered, 2009 Challenger SRT!

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Bill's 448 HEMI Powered 2016 RAM 1500 Truck!

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Scott's Updated 426 HEMI Powered 2011 Challenger!

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Robb's 392 HEMI Powered, Magnuson Supercharged 2015 RAM 2500 Truck!

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Red's 426 HEMI Powered 2012 Charger SRT!

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Ed's 426 HEMI Powered, Arrington Supercharged 2011 Challenger RT!


Arrington Performance Competition Catchcan V2 - Air Oil Separator
Designed, engineered and manufactured in-house at API, our new Competition Catch-Can V 2.0 improves every...
Arrington Performance BIG GAS CNC Ported 392 HEMI Heads
Arrington BIG GAS CNC Ported Heads are now available. These upgraded 392 heads include improved valve...
Arrington Performance Billet 84mm Throttle Body
2013 and up Arrington Performance Billet 84mm replacement for Magneti Marelli Throttle Bodies...
API Competition Single Pump Fuel System
Competition Single Pump Fuel System The API Competition Single Pump Fuel System by Arrington Performance...
S/E HEMI Catch Can by Arrington Performance
The Arrington Performance S/E Air Oil Catch CanThe new Arrington Performance S/E Catch can provides the...
Arrington Performance CNC Ported 6.4L 392 HEMI Heads
Arrington Phase 6 CNC Ported Heads for 2011 and up 392 (6.4L) SRT8 Chargers, Challengers and 300Cs are now...
HEMI 90mm Cast Throttle Body
The Arrington 90mm Cast Throttle Body - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK The 90mm Cast Throttle Body is well...
HEMI BBQ SAUCE: The original Mopar recipe to HEMI power your next meal. Next time you grill out let others...
Arrington 426 Long Block (from 6.4L)
This is THE Arrington 426 HEMI Stroker long block, the foundation for most of our biggest and best builds....

Arrington Performance HEMI Stroker Engines


Arrington has built, shipped and supported more hi-power HEMI-based engines than anyone. Rebuilt from an old block or upgrading a brand-new block, we use the finest forged crankshafts, connecting rods and pistons. Our blocks, heads and valves are machined on state of the art CNC machining centers and everything is inspected, built and tested in-house, including available engine dyno and chassis dyno. Change a 5.7L into a forged 6.4L 392, ready to be supercharged. Update a 6.1L to a 426 cu in monster. Or go all-out for 440 cu in, made from a 392 block. Buy only the short block, the full long block with ported heads, or a complete crate engine with controller - ready to drop into a hot rod or resto-mod.

Arrington-powered cars are the most fun and most reliable to drive.

Supercharge Your Ride

Arrington Supercharger by Magnuson Whipple Supercharger For The HEMI

Arrington is an authorized dealer and installer for superchargers by Arrington, Magnuson, Whipple, Procharger, Edelbrock, Kenne Bell, and Vortech. We have sold and installed hundreds of superchargers, all with our in-house custom tunes (unless you want just the manufacturer's stock tune). Our stand-by favorite for its combination of power and reliability is the Arrington Hi-Power Supercharger Kit co-developed with Magnuson and based on the Eaton TVS roots-style rotors which are standard in the Corvette Z06, every supercharged Audi, and the Jaguar F-Type.

Plus we have Whipple, maker of twin-screw blowers since 1987, with a complete, bolt-on, and intercooled 2.9L twin-screw supercharger system for any of the Gen 3 HEMI engines. While the system was engineered with stock engines in mind, the 2.9L has enough capacity to support 800HP using one of our forged blocks. For the truly unique experience, Arrington is also the only dealer we know of that has fit multiple Whipple 4.0L superchargers to hi-power HEMI engines using our proprietary 4.0L setup.

2 Bar VS 3 Bar Map Sensors

2 Bar VS 3 Bar Map Sensors

Customers sometimes ask, how do I tell the difference between a 2 bar and a 3 bar map sensor? The image below shows the difference between the two boost sensors. As you can see, it can be hard to distinguish between the two. even with the 2 sensors side by side. Notice that they both have the same part number on the first line, but the 3 bar sensor on the left has two additional lines of numbers. Whereas the 2 bar sensor on the right has only one additional line...

Advantages of Mahle Forged Pistons

Mahle Forged Pistons

While MAHLE supplies OEM pistons for the HEMI 5.7 and the 6.1L engines, which are cast and designed only to accommodate the OE manufacturers original specifications, the ones supplied to Arrington Manufacturing / ShopHEMI by MAHLE Motorsports are the forged variety.The following information is useful to help distinguish between...

Arrington Performance Transmissions

Arrington Performance Transmissions

ShopHEMI offers multiple high-performance transmission options. We can customize a HEMI transmission purpose built by NAG1 specialists to maximize the performance of your specific vehicle, power output, and engine type. We have race and street proven NAG1 setups designed for HEMI engines with Twin screws superchargers, centrifugal superchargers, turbochargers, NA stroker internals, and bolt-on modifications...

Arrington Line of Performance Camshafts

Arrington Performance Camshafts

Arrington offers a variety of high performance camshafts. These camshafts have been engineered with the latest technology to give your HEMI engine the maximum horsepower and torque. ShopHEMI offers the ST-3A and SR-2B to complement your Dodge, Chrysler, or Jeep motor....

View Older HEMI Tech

2011 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392
5.7 L and 6.1 HEMI Engines With Arrington Racing Technology
01.02.08 Arrington Engines and Performance Parts Now Available to the Street
HEMI Engine and Performance Parts Updates at The shopHEMI.com Press Room

Alex Rogeo's 426-Powered Magnum wins at MATS in Las Vegas - 2016.

Rogeo Magnum

One of our favorite racers updated to a 426 cubic inch block this year and immediately lowered her 1/4 mile times by 4/10ths to the sub-10-second range.

Gil Haas Has His Pro-Touring 1971 'Cuda Ready for SEMA With a Little Help From Arrington

1971 Cuda

Check out this awesome example of how to do a resto-mod right. With an Arrington engine, wiring, tune and supercharger, of course!

Joe C.’s Challenger with Aluminum 449 HEMI with API Twin Turbo Kit and tons more...

Aluminum 449 HEMI with API Twin Turbo Kit

From time to time our customers ask for a build that lines up with our R&D projects. These Guinea Pigs end up with smoking power they wanted when they came to Arrington Performance but also get some nifty upgrades that we haven’t even got out to the public yet! Over the next few months we will be overhauling Joe C’s Challenger. This will be an all-out test of our new Twin Turbo System as well as general horsepower tolerances of the Arrington 449CI Aluminum HEMI Engine. But we aren’t stopping there. This build will also feature our new Competition 1500 Fuel System, O-ring upgrades to the Phase 4+ Ported Heads, and a new custom 6 Point roll cage and 5 point racing harnesses. Check out this full build including the Dynatrac Pro 60-IRS rear end, Custom Dana 60 Drive Shaft, API Automatic Drive Shaft Safety Loop and API’s new 1-5/8 Sub-Frame Connectors and...

Fitzsimmons Wins Stock Title At NHRA Gatornationals

Charlie Fitzsimmons NHRA Win

The Arrington Powered, 2010 Dodge Drag Pac Challenge won both the class and division in Florida. Driver Charlie Fitzsimmons got his first National event win by running a 9.928 ET in the last round of the Tire Kingdom NHRA Gatornationals. The Larry Pontnack and Larry Griffith co-owned 2010 Mopar Challenger Drag Pak that Charlie drove in his Gainesville victory is sponsored by Arrington Performance and ShopHEMI.com. Charlie's Gatornational win is another example of how Arrington HEMI racing technology helps racers win. The following is...

shopHEMI.com True Street Featuring AJ B. & His Dodge Charger

Dodge Challenger

AJ: 6:00pm... Decided to drive my Arrington Performance Charger to the track this weekend to see what she could do. After putting down a all motor, full weight record he then I drove 500 miles back home and picked up some milk on the way. Read more, to find out how shopHEMI.com helped AJ achieve his record time...

True Street Featuring Josh R. & His Convertible Challenger

Dodge Challenger

Josh 1:30pm ... my father and I just took the new Convertible Challenger for a spin shortly after arriving at the Arrington Performance / shopHEMI.com facility. WHAT A BEAST! The addition of the new roll bars and supercharger just put this thing over the top. With 640 plus HP at the wheels, and 660ft lbs of torque, our heads stayed glued to the head-rest well into the triple digits on the speedometer....

True Street Featuring Mike D. & His Challenger

Dodge Challenger

Mike: 12:00pm... picked up my Challenger at Arrington Performance/shopHEMI.com on Frday and took it to the drag Strip in Richmond, VA for the 2011 Modern Street HEMI Shootout Series. On my 3rd run, I put down a personal best of 9.86 seconds in the 1/4 mile! Arrington Performance has been working with me since September of 2009, and has been there to help me constantly push the limits of my Challenger to evolve it into the 9 second monster that it is today...

True Street Featuring Sean K. & His 2009 300c

426 300c

Sean: 5:00pm ... my 300c was just delivered from shopHemi.com. I wanted a sleeper so I chose to keep my stock cam and heads and throw it on a 426 short-block with an Arrington Performance Supercharger. The first drive was insane… this thing has a RIDICULOUS amount of torque that plastered me to my seat when I punched it from a dead stop. They took me from 360 RWHP to over 580RWHP and 688 FT LBS of torque, and this thing still has a lot of room to grow...

True Street Featuring Chris H. & His 2009 Jeep Cherokee

Jeep SRT-8

Chris: 8:00pm ... Couldn't be happier with my entire experience at shopHEMI.com!! They stand behind their products and have some great ones. I have the 11.3 to 1 HEMI 440 Stroker in my Jeep. The N/A motor is an animal, producing nearly 60 more hp and tq than my previous 426. I made 45 passes at a track rental in my Jeep and was chirping 2nd and 3rd gear...

True Street Featuring Rick E. & His 2009 Challenger

426 Challenger

Rick: 9:00am ... just picked up my Challenger at shopHemi.com, with a new 426 Stroker and Supercharger. The first drive was absolutely crazy … I smoked the tires when I punched it at 50 mph … when I got back to the shop, AJ and Alex told me my 426 HEMI had over 700+ RWHP! Can hardly wait for the upcoming car shows and drag races ...

True Street Featuring Sam H. & His 2009 Challenger

2009 Challenger

Sam: 11:30pm... just picked up my challenger from shopHEMI, WOW!!!! I'm so impressed. it sounds amazing at idle and when u get on her its a whole different story! 705rwhp / 709rwtq. drove her for 16 hrs straight with NO PROBLEMS. i figured she would boil in traffic, but she peaked at 187. thank u guys, esp alex and aj … oh, and your barbeque sauce rips too...

Richard Petty teams with shopHEMI.com to power custom 2009 Dodge Challenger

300C SRT8 426

Martinsville, VA, November 1, 2009. Petty’s Garage, the winningest shop in NASCAR history, takes it to the street – by producing performance daily driver cars for the enthusiast market. Their first car out of the chute is a trademark Petty Blue 2009 Dodge Challenger, rebuilt from the ground up as a performance street car. And where else would “The King” turn to for winning power than shopHEMI.com, home of Arrington engines? ShopHEMI.com supplied a late model 426 HEMI engine that boasts 585 bhp, along with an Arrington 90mm throttle body and Signature cold air intake…

Dodge Charger SRT8 becomes a 426 HEMI “Autobahn Burner”

426 HEMI powered SRT8 Dodge Charger With Open Hood

“A 426 HEMI powered American muscle car,” Peter S. of Germany thought to himself. “that is what I need.” He was annoyed with “autobahn arrogance,” that down-the-nose look you get from hotshots who blow by at speeds in excess of 130 mph in their Porsches, Mercedes, Audis and Touaregs. "Can you turn my off-the-lot Dodge Charger SRT8 into a machine that can burn up the Autobahn...

HEMI Power Trip : SRT8 Dodge Challenger - Tons of HP with Bolt-ons

Power Trip - Dodge Challenger SRT8

Ricky E. Of Fayetteville, NC loved his 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 but wanted a little more power under his right foot, so he brought his ride to shopHEMI.com. Our team of HEMI engineers and engine builders installed a high performance top end including Phase 4 heads...

HEMI Engine Headquarters Tour

HEMI Shop Tour

Arrington is continuously introducing innovative new applications for late model American muscle cars, classics and hot rods. The company operates from a 105,000 sq. foot facility that houses the finest race engine development, manufacturing and testing program in the business as well as the source of all things HEMI, shopHEMI.com family of performance parts websites and their staff. Take the tour...

Hemi is our Heritage

HEMI Racing Heritage

Stock car racing took a sharp turn for the faster in the '60s when Richard Petty and his pal Buddy Arrington began driving cars powered by a hemispherical combustion chamber engine, AKA "hemi." In 1964, Richard cleaned house with his Plymouth at Daytona and went on to win 7 Daytona 500s. Behind the scenes…

MOPAR is in our Roots

MOPAR Performance Roots

It all began in 1963 with Buddy Arrington and Car 67. Buddy was an independent NASCAR owner/driver who competed in the Winston Cup series for 25 years, before it became the Nextel Cup. Born near the Martinsville Speedway in Virginia, Buddy began racing as soon as he felt the power of a rear-wheel drive MOPAR...