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DId you know about our Hellcat 426 short block?
Need 1000HP? - here you go.
TRAKit visits Arrington
in their second official

Watch the Arrington Performance Intro True Street Featuring Rick E. & His 2009 Challenger

shoHEMI True Stree featuring Rick E.
Rick: 9:00am ...  just picked up my Challenger at, with a new 426 Stroker and Supercharger. The first drive was absolutely crazy … I smoked the tires when I punched it at 50 mph … when I got back to the shop, AJ and Alex told me my 426 HEMI had over 700+ RWHP! Can hardly wait for the upcoming car shows and drag races ...

All The Way, Airborne!!!

Rick gave shopHEMI a call back in February 2010 to give his Challenger a serious power upgrade. Alex of knew exactly what he needed to put Rick where he wanted to be...

Below you will find a complete parts list of what was installed in Rick's incredible Dodge Challenger to turn out 705 rear wheel HP and 709 ft. lbs. of torque!

Ricky E. Parts List:
HEMI True Street - Rick E. Black SRT8 Challenger