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DId you know about our Hellcat 426 short block?
Need 1000HP? - here you go.
TRAKit visits Arrington
in their second official

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Increasing your horsepower? Don't put all the time and effort into the engine and forget about the Drivetrain. The added pressure will snap your average stock axles. Upgrade to performance axles that are designed for HEMI power junkies. 
Axle Assemblies
Have a vehicle putting down above stock horsepower and torque? Upgrade your axles to handle the higher HP on your HEMI vehicle. Don’t snap an axle at the track! 
Half Shafts
Upgrade your axles to handle the extreme stress experienced with higher horsepower. These half axles have been designed to perform under the extremes of pure speed and will handle up to 1400+ HP. 
Upgrade your drivetrain with a set of high strength Axle hub assemblies. 
Grease Kits
The main cause for axle failure is heat. Keep your HEMI running smooth with one of these high performance grease kits.