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Rear Ends

Want to explode off the line or increase top end speed? Or do you want to increase pulling power for your truck? Change out your rear end to change the way your car or truck performs and handles with high performance rears made for higher horsepower cars and trucks. 
Complete Rear End Assemblies
With these kits, your HEMI will be able to handle the huge wheel horsepower and torque numbers your HEMI puts down. Featuring a variety of gear ratios for faster acceleration and better launches. 
These Limited Slip differentials will launch better and never lock up. This is because unlike a conventional LSD which has a set preload, these units constantly adjusts the torque away from the slipping wheel toward the other axle. 
Ring and Pinion Kits
Want quicker launches off the line? Upgrade to high performance Ring and Pinion kits that are specifically made for high horse power applications 
Rear Differential Seals
Seals where the axle shaft attaches to the differential on the rear carrier. Two seals are required (one for each side).