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Arrington Performance HEMI Camshafts

Upgrade your power and change the timing and sound of your HEMI by upgrading your Camshaft. Cams can improve towing performance or add a signature lope to your HEMI engine. 
Change the intake and exhaust duration as well as lobe separation to improve horsepower and sound when adding forced induction, a stroker HEMI engine, or just a cam by itself. 
Cam and Pushrod Combinations
Match a camshaft and pushrods to ensure you get the correct combination for your application.  
When changing camshafts in your HEMI, you may need to alter the pushrod length to keep from overextending springs. 
Timing Chains
Replace a worn timing chain or upgrade to a new chain when changing your camshaft. 
Camshaft Misc. Parts
Misc parts for HEMI Performance Camshaft Installations. 
Replace worn lifters or get the correct lifters when building your HEMI short block up to a complete motor for your build.